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Learn From Play Activities At Home

Art and craft sent to you to entertain and educate.

Ssshhh! Don't tell them they are learning.
They just think it is lots of crafty fun!

What our boxes are all about:

No parent likes to see their little one on a device when they could be engaged in hands on fun activities like cutting, pasting, gluing and painting to create unique artworks to display around your home.  To assist with this, we have made Learn From Play In A Box.  

Each box includes everything you need to spend quality device free time with your child while helping them develop the skills they need to excel in a school environment.  From being able to follow instructions and sit still for up to 20 minutes at a time to fine motor skills and the patience required to wait for a piece or artwork to dry before sticking it to the wall.   We even include paper to protect your surfaces, paintbrushes and scissors when needed.

In addition to a month’s worth of activities, each box includes a set of magnetic letters and letter handwriting practice sheets to learn each letter’s sound.  Lower case letters are used as these are generally easier for little hands to form, more common when reading and pronounced with a letters sound rather than its name as in needed in reading.  A guide to correct pencil grip is provided with each sheet and a pencil and grip are in the first box to assist with this critical part of fine motor development.

We know you and your children will love our boxes. Your children will love them because they will be having loads of fun and you will love them because you will know that you are providing the skills your child needs to make their transition to school as easy as possible which has so many positive benefits for their future learning.

How it works:

In just 3 easy steps you can be enjoying device free fun.


Have a look at the themed boxes below.


Purchase the boxes of your choice.


Use the activity cards and videos to complete the craft projects and activity sheets.

Dinosaurs Box

They ruled the Earth for millions of years.  Learn all about these incredible reptiles with these school readiness activities. 

Flower Fun Box

It is never too early to teach children the art of  gardening.  Learn all about flowers and plants with these school readiness activities.

Butterflies & Bees Box

Bees and butterflies are essential for our planet's survival.  Learn all about them with these school readiness activities.  

Space Box

The final frontier of travel and so much fun too.  Learn all about space, aliens and the stars with these school readiness activities. 

On The Farm Box

Farms always excite with cows, pigs and chickens.  Learn to make all these animals with these school readiness activities. 

Under The Sea Box

There are so many beautiful creatures below the water.  Learn all about them with these school readiness activities. 

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